See below for a list of all our parks.
Basketball court and baseball field.
Broad Street/ Connecticut Avenue
Playground, picnic tables, restrooms, pavillions, baseball field.
Jefferson Avenue
Waller Street
Blackhall Street/ Connecticut Avenue/ Garfield Avenue
Parking, basketball court, playground, walking path, track, soccer field, baseball field
Crescent street
Parking with handicap parking, restrooms, pcinic tables and pavillions, playground, and beach.
Pequot Avenue
Montauk Avenue
Parking, basketball, and playground
Mercer Street
Playground, basketball court, and picnic table.
Hawthorne Drive
Bulkeley Place
Broad Street/ Vauxhall Street
Broad Street
Playground, basketball court, and baseball field.
Willets Avenue
Playground, parking, basketball court, baseball field.
Beech Drive
Parking, baseball field, soccer field, and track field.
Jefferson Avenue
Parking, handicapped accesible, restrooms, pavillion and picnic area, water and food, playground, walking path, swimming, and biking area.
Parking, pavillion, picnic tables, playground, basketball court
Crystal Avenue
Located on Ocean Avenue.
Bank Street to Ocean Avenue. Continue down past L & M Hospital. Park is on your left.
Parking, restrooms, baseball and soccer field.
Cedar Grove
Benches to sit.
Parking and playscape
Cedar Grove