New London Recreation

Are you interested in playing video games either on your own or with your friends? Register before September 22nd for the New London Recreation Department E-Sports League at Search the New London Recreation Department and sign up to play games! Games offered are Madden, Fortnite, Rocket League, or Super Smash Bros UltimateYou can play on a computer, Xbox system(s), PlayStation system(s) or Nintendo Switch with online accounts for Xbox, PlayStation and SwitchPlay from the comfort of your own home! E-Sports League runs from October 4th-November 19th.

  • New London Recreation Department is 1 of 183 Agencies currently Nationally Accredited in the United States!
  • 1 of 2 in New England!
  • 1 of 1 in CT!
  • Less than 1% of Park and Recreation Agencies are Nationally Accredited- .7% of the agencies in the country can claim they have reached this status and level of service to their residents.

To Reserve a City Park picnic area or City Field, request approval to the NL Parks & Recreation Commission on:

Parks & Recreation Commission

Parks & Rec Commission

Location: Senior Center Congregate Room

Meeting agendas can be found at and an audio recording of this meeting will be posted on the city website within 7 days of the meeting.


Our community calendar will contain information on our recreation programming and community events.


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